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The Tool Tracker

An important component of the KTEG CoPilot is the Tool Tracker, which stores all information about each attachment. This includes not only the type and serial number, but also the required hydraulic operating parameters such as litres, pressure, working mode and much more. The Tool Ident function is thus implemented in combination with the CPX terminal. Via the central telematics interface in the terminal, all relevant information about the attachment, such as the operating hours or location, can be called up and recorded via a fleet management system. The Tool Tracker is designed to withstand the harshest conditions and can therefore also be used on high-vibration attachments. The Tool Tracker can also be replaced in a matter of seconds without special tools. Its data can be read out and edited simply and easily via smartphone. This makes changing attachments on the construction site a fast and uncomplicated process.


> Compact dimensions, therefore also suitable for attachments in the mini and compact class

> Simple tool changes

> Robust construction and therefore also suitable for tough applications

> 3–5 year battery life, subsequent refurbishment is possible

> Secure connection to the CPX terminal via Bluetooth or cable connection

> Compatible with mobile devices for over-the-air updates and mobile access to information

> Available with or without a telematics module

> Supports any telecommunication network (even below 2G) and can therefore be used even with a poor internet connection

The Tool Tracker also works completely autonomously - independent of the machine - so it can store all the important parameters of the attachments in the cloud and enables integration with existing fleet management systems.

Intelligent attachments – from excavators to all-rounders

As a flexible and e-connected equipment carrier, the modern construction machine performs a wide variety of tasks on the construction site – and must therefore be compatible with diverse mission profiles and applications. As in all professional trades, the right tool must always be used for the task at hand – which means the number of required attachments grows along with the increasing diversity of assignments. The networking of attachment and carrier equipment in the KTEG CoPilot offers further advantages over and above pure functional control. For example, it allows the recording of pile-driving or compaction protocols, an essential part of the site documentation. On the basis of these records, it is possible to check at any time whether structural specifications and guidelines have been properly observed. In addition, the operator has access to data in real time, such as current working frequencies, and thus can permanently monitor the progress of the work. This always ensures that critical frequencies are avoided, which could otherwise result in damage to the site infrastructure and/or surrounding buildings.


> Provision and evaluation of telematics data from the attachments: location, operating hours, service intervals

> Graphical representation of the data on the CPX terminal

> Further processing in connected systems

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