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Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

  1. Scope, subject
    1. These warranty conditions (the “warranty conditions”) apply to entrepreneurs in the sense of § 14 BGB (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch, German Civil Code), legal entities under public law and special funds under public law.
    2. The KTEG GmbH, Helmut Kiesel Str.2, 64589 Stockstadt am Rhein (“KTEG”) in addition to the legal or contractually agreed defect rights covering the machines and equipment it manufactures (known together as “KTEG machines”), is granting a limited manufacturer's warranty (the “warranty”) under the following conditions.
  2. Scope of the warranty
    1. KTEG, in accordance with the warranty conditions, guarantees that for a period of twelve (12) months or 2,000 (two thousand) operating hours from initial start-up – depending on which event occurs first (the “warranty period“) – that the KTEG machines in normal use will be free from material and processing defects. The warranty period shall begin on the day on which the machine leaves the factory or respectively the place of production. This is determined by the delivery date shown on the delivery note issued by KTEG.
    2. If during the warranty period as described above, defects in the material or manufacture of a KTEG machine (a “warranty case”) occur, KTEG will repair the defective parts and/or modules or have them repaired or exchange them, at the discretion of KTEG.
    3. For parts and/or modules repaired or exchanged in accordance with Clause 2.2, KTEG will grant a replacement parts warranty for the remaining duration of the warranty for the affected KTEG machine in which they were installed, for a maximum period, however, of 6 (six) months from the date of installation.
  3. Limitations of the warranty
    1. In particular, the warranty will not cover damage to the KTEG machine by force majeure, misuse, incorrect or prohibited use, loss, theft, misappropriation, changes to the KTEG machine not approved by KTEG, as well as unauthorised or incorrect servicing or repair work on the KTEG machine.
    2. Also excluded from the warranty is damage caused by contamination of the hydraulic system or defective technical ambient conditions or incorrect handling that does not comply with KTEG’s and/or Hitachi’s specifications.
    3. Another prerequisite for the warranty is that the daily visual inspection specified by the manufacturer and all maintenance and inspection intervals have been implemented, and also that maintenance and inspection have been carried out professionally.
    4. Wear parts, seals and any other usage-specific and/or ordinary wear and tear of the KTEG machines are excluded from the warranty.
    5. Dispatch and transportation costs, machine downtime, consumable materials and small parts (e.g. seals and screws), as well as any subsequent costs are not covered by the warranty.
    6. 3.6 Maintenance and handling of electrically powered machines: Electrical components and high-voltage batteries must not be manipulated and maintenance must be carried out by qualified personnel in conformance with the manual. Specifically, the high-voltage batteries must not be deep-discharged, operated outside the specification (+60°C -30°C temperatures; 15-35°C recommended) and not subjected to overvoltage or undervoltage. A warranty claim will only be accepted if the SOH is below 80% and less than 3000 charging cycles. The warranty limit of 2000 operating hours refers to the key switch (machine on).
  4. Claiming under the warranty
    1. The completely filled in warranty claim form, which is attached as Appendix 1, must be sent no later than 30 (thirty) days after rectification of the damage to KTEG via email or post, as indicated on the form.
    2. The warranty claim should include the transfer report, photos of the machine along with the site, identification plate, operating hours, and photos of the identification plates of any attachments used, the damaged parts and photographic documentation of the repair work. Also included should be a copy of the assembly report signed by the customer, as well as any further documents named in the form or requested by KTEG in accordance with reasonable discretion.
    3. The defective parts must be sent to KTEG by the claimant at the request of KTEG and at the claimant’s expense. The defective parts must be kept by the claimant at the claimant’s expense until such a request is made, for a maximum duration, however, of 12 (twelve) months after the repair has been carried out.
  5. Repairs
    1. The parts required for the repair or exchange of defective parts and/or modules are made available to KTEG's authorised dealer as a regular replacement part delivery during normal business hours at the location at which the repair work performed within the terms of the warranty occurs. The warranty does not, however, include costs for transportation of parts, modules or machines to this location (see above, Clause 3.5).
    2. Subject to the Clauses 5.3 to 5.8 below, the purchaser may – if it is an authorised KTEG or Hitachi dealer – perform the repairs itself or have them performed by a third party within the terms of this warranty. KTEG will of its own accord, if necessary, commission a third party to perform the repairs to the defective parts.
    3. Repairs that may foreseeably exceed cost limits of EUR 3,000.00 (replacement part price) require prior approval by the KTEG technical department (contact: KTEG Service Inspector; service@kteg-company.com).
    4. Hydraulic components such as cylinders, valves, etc. must not be opened or repaired without prior approval by KTEG. In such cases, KTEG is entitled to commission a dealer or workshop at KTEG’s discretion to carry out the repair.
    5. As part of the warranty claims, KTEG will in principle reimburse the costs for the repair of a defective module only. A (complete) exchange using a reconditioned or new module may only be carried out for warranty repairs under the following conditions, if
      1. the total repair costs are equal to or higher than the costs for the exchange using a reconditioned or new module,
      2. no replacement parts have been approved for the repair of the defective module, or
      3. no replacement parts can be procured to repair the defective module within a reasonable period of time. Written approval must be obtained from KTEG's technical department prior to the exchange. A copy of the delivery information sent by the replacement part warehouse in each case must be submitted together with the warranty claim as supporting documentation.
    6. The following rates apply for the warranty repairs performed by the purchaser:

Working hours: EUR 55.00/hour

Travel time: EUR 55.00/hour, a maximum of 4 hours will be compensated

Route: EUR 00.75/km; a maximum of 200 km per claim for the total route will be compensated, unless KTEG has agreed to a longer total route; the shortest possible route will in principle apply.

For third-party services, copies of the corresponding invoices must be provided as evidence.

  1. KTEG will not reimburse ancillary expenditure on, for example, accommodation, phone calls, expenses, meals, etc.
  2. All repairs must be carried out professionally and in compliance with KTEG’s specifications.

Status: March 2024

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