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P Line by KTEG

P Line combines an excavator, a fully hydraulic rotating quick coupler, component-optimised attachments and digital assistance systems. The resulting system allows for a 30% reduction in on-site process costs. Thanks to its ability to mechanise manual construction work, to rotate attachments in any direction, and to support attachments with a low attachment height, P Line offers a wide range of benefits. 

The P-Line by KTEG

The P-Line is designed to optimise processes on the construction site. The underlying concept is a comprehensive, modular system – a single machine, outfitted with CoPilot, a fully hydraulic rotating quick coupler and component-optimised attachments – capable of tackling any task that would otherwise require additional personnel and equipment. 

The fully hydraulic rotary quick coupler (KTEG OQR) allows operators to couple and lock all P-Line attachments from the cab, while also allowing them to rotate freely during use. 

Compacting, cutting, digging, lifting, landscaping, cleaning, screening, mixing, crushing or gripping – every process step on the construction site can be implemented more effectively with the P-Line.

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The 4 problems of the industry - that's why we developed the P-Line.

The demands on excavators and drivers are different on every construction site. However, the problems for contractors are the same: shortage of personnel, personnel costs, personnel qualification and process costs. We fight P with P and have launched the P-Line for this purpose. A system with which you can save over 30% of your process costs - and at the same time take the fear out of the other three Ps.

Personnel shortages

The labour market is experiencing considerable shortages. Our P Line of machines reduces the number of workers needed to get the job done. For each construction process, P Line machines operate according to the same principle: one operator, one machine.

Personnel costs

Current market conditions demand that personnel be used as efficiently as possible. Unskilled labour and rework are uneconomical yet still unavoidable. P Line reduces manual labour by replacing it with machine-based processes that are faster, fatigue-free, and that require minimal personnel.

Process costs

P Line makes it possible to minimise or even eliminate a wide range of process costs, including delays and stoppages caused by personnel shortages, and equipment failures caused by operator error or the inefficient utilisation of workers or machines.

Personnel qualification

P Line was designed to help operators handle complex jobs by offering operator assistance systems and easy-to-use control interfaces. The P Line's robustness, durability and intuitive controls provide the machines with a high level of operational readiness without the need for lengthy operator training and without the risk of damage or injury. The COREUM Academy's operator training courses additionally increase the safety and performance of our machines.

The process steps at a glance

Cutting and loosening – child’s play, even on hard ground

From asphalt to concrete, our cutting attachments make short work of soft and hard floor coverings alike – and do so with a low-noise and low-vibration drive. This preliminary step makes it easy for the excavator operator to complete the subsequent digging work.