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KLS300W - A wheeled excavator built for heavy lifting

An enhanced version of the KTEG Lift Star, further optimised to meet customer needs. With its wheeled undercarriage, the KLS300W is always in the right place at the right time, ready to handle the heavy lifting.


50% more lifting power at the push of a button – by activating the third lifting cylinder. Enables sensitive control even for highly demanding work.

50% more lifting power thanks to the KTEG Tritec system

Great heights and heavy loads. To keep this promise, the power of “three hearts” lies dormant within the KMC P. The Tritec system enables 50% more lifting capacity via its third lifting cylinder. Activated at the push of a button, this demolition excavator effortlessly delivers the kind of lifting power you would otherwise only get from a higher machine class. The operator is free to decide what combination of power and speed the KMC P should deliver. Fast working speed with normal power? Two-cylinder operation is ideal. High power at a slightly reduced speed? Simply activate the third cylinder. To lift the heaviest concrete elements, for example, or to load your own equipment.

MUVA adjustable boom

The lower adjustment cylinders provide the machine with maximum reach. 

Mobile undercarriage

The support claws on the mobile HD undercarriage provide additional stability on building sites. 

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